Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Collection Update - 7/3/17

Been to Cardiff today shopping, there are amazing record shops over there.The main shops I go to are:-

City Road

D'Vinyl Records - Records from floor to ceiling. Closed today though.

The Record Shop - Behind D'Vinyl. These roads are horrendous to park by. 😱

Near St Davids Shopping Centre

Kelly's Records - Inside the market with a square clock. Upstairs, there are LOADS of rows of records covering the whole floor.

Head Records - A generous record shop that supplies sleeves for all sizes and materials. (A first-hand)
I'm not fussed on Spillers (Oldest record shop in the world). The records are too hippyish ☮ for me.


Shop: Kelly's Records

Album: Voulez-Vous
Country: France
Condition: Good + (Top seam open and inside sleeve is creased.😞)
Why I bought it: Colour is lovely and I wanted Vogue for a change!!!

Single: Under Attack
Country: UK
Condition: Excellent +
Why I bought it: It's in a much better condition than the previous one I've bought.

Single: Wrap Your Arms Around Me
Country: UK
Condition: Very Good + (Has some small rips at the top)
Why I bought it: Haven't got it.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Frida - I Know There's Something Going On

It was so hard on google translate, finding the right Japanese words. I hope they are right.

Some of my singles collection

Here are some of my favourite bunch of singles.

Basically, I've included the singles with picture sleeves and picture discs. However, I think the One Of Us single looks too tacky for my liking and Thank You For The Music (shaped disc) is better than it looks.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Honey Honey Covers

I've created a few different covers of Honey Honey, 2 are recreations of Denmark's cover and one German. I tried to get the font for the first two as close to the original and I'm quite pleased with the German cover.

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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Record Covers

Here's my few bunch of record covers I've created.

From the album Ring Ring

"    "  The Best Of ABBA (Australia)

"    "  Voulez-Vous

"    "  The Singles (First 10 Years)

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Welcome to My FABBAlous Record Collection

Hi, welcome to my site. It's my first time using this and i hope I'm doing it right.
On this, I will post my record collection including albums, singles and maxi singles.

By the way, I'm an ABBA fanatic from Wales and started collecting their records since Christmas 2015 which was quite recent.

I will also post some of my own record covers I've recreated hopefully and I hope you enjoy browsing my blog.